Wells Harbour Personnel

Harbour Staff

Harbour Master Robert Smith MBE Robert Smith MBE, Harbour Master
Harbour Administrator Simon Cooper Simon Cooper, Harbour Administrator
Deputy Harbour Master Fred Whitaker Fred Whitaker, Deputy Harbour Master
Deputy Harbour Master Andy Potts Andy Potts, Harbour Assistant
Administrative Assistant Sallyann Retchless Sallyann Retchless, Adiminstrative Assistant
Harbour Services Graham Riseborough Graham Risborough, Harbour Services
Kari Hege Skipper Tristian Roberts Tristian Roberts, Kari Hege Skipper
Long-reach excavator driver Bob Hull Bob Hull, Kari Hege excavator driver
Frank-T Skipper Tony Ford Tony Ford, Frank-T Skipper
Frank-T Crew Chas Major Chas Major, Frank-T Crew

Wells Harbour Commissioners

The Wells Harbour Commissioners originated under an Act of 1663 in the 15th Year of Charles II reign, an Act for repairing and better preserving the quay, creeks, channel and landing place of the Port of Wells in the County of Norfolk.

Andy Frary Andy Frary
born and bred in Wells, a fisherman since 1975. He ran Wells' first commercial crab boat from 1980, owns a local business and is committed to preserving the fishing industry of Wells. Commissioner since January 2009. Appointed Chair January 2018.
Alan Bushell Alan Bushell
a Wells resident and has sailed in the harbour since 1972. He retired as Deputy Harbour Master in 2007. Alan was a member of the Wells RNLI operations committee and is a watchkeeper with the NCI at Wells and a trustee of Rescue Wooden Boats.
Mel Catton Mel Catton
a Wells businessman and resident for 50 years and Chairman of the Carnival Committee for 25 years. Mel is passionate about keeping Wells as an idyllic seaside resort while recognising the need for change to allow the town to move forward.
Robert Ellis Robert Ellis
moved to Wells in 1976 as a Police Constable and Sergeant serving the community for 30 years and was heavily involved in the 1978 floods and the aftermath. A member of Wells Sailing Club and recreational harbour user and boat owner since 1978.
Nicholas Groom Nicholas Groom
from a long standing Wells family. Semi retired from an operations management position with a national Telecoms company. Now runs Wells Harbour Tours. Has experience of operations and construction. Appointed January 2018.
Denys Hickey Denys Hickey
has over 40 years experience as a maritime lawyer in cases involving ports and offshore construction with experience of dredging and port safety. Denys has been a senior partner in a London law firm and more recently a barrister and maritime arbitrator. Appointed January 2018.
Avril Lill Avril Lill
runs a successful B & B in Wells. Previously held a senior position in IT providing experience in project and stakeholder management, business change and corporate social responsibility. Also Wells NCI watch keeper, Yacht Master and a member of BDMLR specialising in seal rescue. Appointed January 2018
Brian Riches Brian Riches
held a project management position in the energy market prior to setting up a sea angling business in 1997 which he has now passed over to his son. Brian has a passion for fishing and enjoys being on the water. He was appointed in January 2017.
Kevin Theobold Kevin Theobold
has been working in the lighting design profession for over 40 years, serving as a board member and latterly president of its representative international association. A Wells resident and leisure sailor with a keen interest in the future of the town and its port.
Chris Thomson Chris Thomson
spent over thirty years working as a solicitor, involved in contracts, HR, governance and ethics. Lives in Wells. Chris sails and works in the harbour. Appointed as a commissioner in January 2017.