Wells Harbour Maritime Trust

Through his activities in supporting and promoting the work of Wells Harbour, Robert Smith MBE, the Harbour Master at Wells-next-the-Sea, has been developing a fund of money which he earmarked to support young people in the Wells area to enjoy maritime activities. He particularly has in mind those young people who would otherwise not experience the challenge and fun of water-based activities. From Robert's original idea the Wells Harbour Maritime Trust (WHMT) has been developed to support a range of maritime activities for young people.

The Trust is one of the Wells Harbour Commissioners' activities in support of the local community.

The Trust's Aims

  1. To advance the education and training of young people between the ages of 5 and 20 in sailing, seamanship and associated watersports in particular through the award of bursaries.
  2. To promote the personal and social development of such people by enabling them to participate in sailing adventures and training.
  3. To advance education of such people in the marine life and coastal habitat of North Norfolk and environmental impacts of modern day living by engaging with schools.

The "area of benefit" is defined as being "within a ten mile radius of Wells-next-the-Sea".

Maritime activities

The Trust looks to reaching as many young people as possible. In this regard group sessions are the preferred choice and will consider making grants to support young people:-

  1. In group sailing sessions with approved sailing schools, so they can experience sailing for the first time or develop their sailing skills. The Trust will make a contribution (directly to the sailing school). This will cover the cost of the course including any specialist equipment. The Trust will not cover travelling costs to and from the local sailing schools and will not provide any meals.
  2. Providing "Fun on the Water" Days for primary school students to incorporate kayaking and skiff rowing (where possible) along with a nature trail.

In exceptional circumstances the Trust will provide grants on an individual basis:

  • For a two day sailing course at beginner or intermediate or advanced standard at local approved sailing schools per applicant. The Trust will not cover travel or meals.

The Trust will also consider grants for:

  • A sail training vessel for a week's experience at sea. The Trust will make a contribution (direct to the sail training agency) of an amount of money at the discretion of the trustees. The Trust will not cover travelling costs to and from the sail training vessel and will not provide any meals.
  • On maritime courses to extend their maritime skills such as a Sea Survival course. The Trust will make a contribution (paid directly by the WHMT to the training agency) of an amount of money at the discretion of the trustees The Trust will not cover travelling costs to and from the course and will not provide any meals.
  • On swimming courses so that young people can learn to swim or teach with confidence. The Trust will make a contribution (directly to the swim school) per applicant to cover the costs for an appropriate swimming course (number of sessions at discretion of the Trustees). The Trust will not cover travelling costs to and from the local swim school and will not provide any meals.


Only one award will be made to any individual in a calendar year unless the Trustees deem otherwise.

Interview and feedback

Applicants will complete an application form which will name a referee. Successful applicants will be visited during their course by a trustee who will discuss the course with them.

Supporting the Trust

Many residents in and around Wells and visitors to Wells appreciate the benefits and joys of sailing and boating as a leisure activity. The Trustees welcome donations from anyone who wishes to support the work of the Trust. If you are a British taxpayer you can add value to your donation by using Gift Aid. Please ask at the harbour office for a donation form. The Trustees thank you for your support.

The Trustees

Robert Smith MBE, Wells Harbour Master
Tony Pannell Chairman
Joan Price, Treasurer
Duncan Marshall-Andrew, Trustee
Adrian Underwood OBE, Trustee
Louise De Lisle, Secretary

Documents and downloads

Adobe PDF document Donation & Gift Aid form
Form to make donations to the WHMT
23 Jun 2011 10:48
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Adobe PDF document WHMT Application for Funding
Application for Funding from Wells Harbour Maritime Trust
20 Nov 2017 15:35
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The Wells Harbour Maritime Trust (WHMT)
is a charity registered in England and Wales No. 1136392

Photographs by kind permission of Campbell MacCallum, Robert Smith MBE, Trinity Sailing, Waterfront Yachting

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