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Wed 11 Apr 2018


WHC are holding their Annual Public Meeting on Tuesday 15th May at 7pm at the Wells Sailing Club.

Members of the public are invited to send questions in writing in advance by 4th May to the Harbour Office or by email to This format has been successful in the past and allows for a variety of questions to be asked. However, an open session will be permitted at the end of the meeting for questions arising from the Harbour Master's presentation lasting around 15 minutes.

The Annual Report, Accounts and Strategy documents are available for download by going to "About Wells Harbour Annual Report" then click on link to the documents. The documents are also available for viewing at the library or the local council office or can be obtained from the Harbour Office for a fee of £5 which will go to the Wells Harbour Maritime Trust.

We hope that the change of venue this year will encourage more of you to attend and we look forward to welcoming you on the night.
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