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Project to replace current pontoons at Tug Boat Yard
Thr 7 Apr 2016


Wells Harbour Commissioners have applied for permissions to replace the current wood pontoons at Tug Boat Yard, which are nearing the end of their useful life, with new floating pontoons and an access ramp.

The new pontoons will provide safer access for customers of the commercial angling vessels that are berthed there and also visitors to the historic lifeboat. In addition the project is considering the possibility of providing temporary berthing for residential boat owners who wish to access the land or use the facilities whilst they are visiting the town. This will be subject to space.

The pontoons will be 46m in length positioned 8m from the quay wall with access walkway and landing site at the quay wall.

WHC consulted with local residents and organisations regarding the project. It is hoped that once permissions are granted works can commence and be completed by the end of this year.