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New initiative to reduce plastic waste in the Harbour
Sun 20 Mar 2016


A new initiative by the Port and the Wells Harbour Maritime Trust is hoped to reduce plastic waste ending up in the Harbour.

The project will see the introduction of eco friendly gillying (crabbing)items comprising a steel bucket and a wooden reel with line only long enough to reach down the quay wall.

An estimated thirty thousand plastic buckets and reels are sold in Wells during the summer season, with many ending up in the harbour polluting the sea where the plastic degrades due to solar radiation and oxidation into smaller and smaller pieces. Marine life mistakes it for food and strangle on the ingested plastic. Marine animals also get entangled in the Plastic nylon line.

The Port is not banning the use of plastic buckets and reels and we still wish to see the thousands of people enjoying this activity at the quayside, however this initiative will give consumers the choice to make a difference for the environment and do something fantastic by cutting out the plastic.

A Gilly Hut on the quay, which will educate visitors to the problem, has received funding approval from the Sheringham Shoal Community Fund via the Norfolk Community Foundation. The wooden reels and steel buckets will be available to hire. The key message is:
If you leave it on the quay, it ends up in the sea.
A healthy harbour starts here.