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New access for Coastwatch
Wed 21 Oct 2015


In July 2015, Wells Harbour Commissioners were approached by the NCI Wells Coastwatch station regarding problems to the wooden access steps to the watchtower which were in disrepair, unsafe and suffering from subsidence. Quotes to replace the steps with a rear access were in the region of £12,000 outside the financial capacity of the station to raise.

The station asked whether the Commissioners would donate the 36' metal walkway supplied with the barge acquired for the new floating facilities. The request was discussed at the July full meeting where Commissioners acknowledged the pressing need for access to the Coastwatch station recognising the value of the service the watch provides to the community, when on a typical summers day approximately 2000 people can enjoy the beach. If a solution to the access to the lookout tower was not found, the station may have had to close. The Commissioners agreed to the donation and assistance with installation.

Today, 21st October, Harbour Master Robert Smith and harbour staff transported the walkway to the site, levelled the land and placed it in position. Both the walkway and the labour, approximately two days work in total, provided by Wells Harbour Commissioners, has been donated free of charge.

We hope the walkway provides NCI Wells Coastwatch with a much improved access so they may continue to serve the community for the future.