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Car park re-organisation
Wed 8 Jul 2015


Wells Harbour Commissioners began a project to reorganise the quayside car park over the last two years. The
first stage was the removal of 21 car parking bays to the East of the quayside with the decision taken not to allow camper vans to park. This decision was taken to provide better access to the fishermen for loading and unloading their boats and to make the area more safe with visiting numbers increasing. Most importantly it was done to visually enhance the area by reducing the number of cars parked.

The second phase will be happening at the end of this year/early 2016, where the main car park will be redesigned
with only one way in and out and the repositioning of several car park bays and the shellfish stall. Part of this re-design will be the removal of the 12 free motorcycle bays that have been provided for over a decade. This decision regarding the removal of the motorcycle bays is being based on pure volume of motorcycle parking free at weekends and during the high season, with some days in excess of 60 motorbikes. Naturally a car park of our size
at Wells cannot facilitate these numbers. The decision to stop free motorcycle parking at the quayside was taken after a lot of deliberation by the Wells Harbour

When demand is high, Harbour staff have asked motorbikes to park in other areas and on several occasions Harbour staff have been subjected to abuse and on a minority of occasions physical violence. However as in all walks of life there will always be some people who spoil it for the majority of other more well behaved people. However this is not the driving force behind our decision, it is solely based on trying to make the quayside a more visitor friendly experience and enhance the visual aspect with less

Also the area where we have traditionally provided free parking to motorcycles is very narrow with pedestrian access, vehicles trying to visit the Harbour Office and families crabbing at the railings. Due to the pure
volume of visitors we feel the safest way forward is to remove motorcycle parking bays. I understand this has come as a disappointment to some members of the community and to some visitors but Wells Harbour Commissioners have provided free parking for many years unlike any other car park in the town.

We have recently informed Wells Town Council of our decision and asked them to try and find provision for motorcycle parking in the town, so our advice
to all motorcyclists is to write to Wells Town Council to see if an area can be provided in one of the North Norfolk District Council car parks or another private car park in the town.

Finally I would like to point out that Wells Harbour Commissioners are not linked to the Council and are a Harbour Authority who own the quayside and are not obliged in any way to provide motorcycle parking even though we have for over 10 years provided motorcycle parking free of charge.