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Volunteer Sue Riseborough to watch out for the Gilly's
Mon 18 May 2015


Over recent years, we have observed and it has also been raised by members of the public about the welfare of the gilly's (small crabs) being caught from the quayside especially during the summer months.

The gillying from the quayside is a very popular pastime and has been carried out for many generations and brings lots of enjoyment to locals and visitors. Unfortunately a small minority of the visitors seem to be unaware that you need sea water in a bucket to place the gilly's after they have been caught as some are just placing them in an empty bucket and also a few people are still using hooks on their line.

There is no way that the Harbour Commissioners wish to see this activity stop or be regulated in any way, so when we had a very kind offer from a local lady, Sue Riseborough, to volunteer her time by patrolling the quay at different times during the summer months to advise and politely educate the visitors on the best methods of catching and handling the gilly's, we all at WHC thought this was an opportunity too good to be missed.

We would like to thank Sue for giving her time and local expertise that she has acquired over many years gillying at the quayside since a small child.

Please rest assured that Sue is only there to politely advise for the welfare of the gilly's.

Sue Riseborough
Sue Riseborough