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Use of the following facilities can be arranged with the Harbour Office...


  • Electricity (available at pontoons)
  • Fresh water points (at pontoons and on main quay)
  • Diesel oil (available on the tide at fuel berth)
  • Pontoons for easy access
  • Refuse disposal for visiting boats (bulk bins on quay)
  • Used oil disposal for vessels (east end of Harbour yard)
  • Shower facilities for visiting crews
  • Laundry facilities
  • Permits (windsurfing, moorings, parking, etc.)
  • Pilotage and navigational information
  • Car Parking on quay (pay and display)
  • Sewage pump-out

Boat Compound

The Wells harbour boatyard provides an outdoor storage area for resident vessels in a purpose-built secure compound. Situated at the east end of the harbour, it is conveniently located close to the water's edge. The following facilities are available at the boat store:

  • One acre of outdoor storage area - winter storage only (October to May)
  • 15 metres of quayside for craning/hard standing
  • Slipway for launching and recovery
  • Tractor for trailer launching
  • Boat hoist (7.5 tonnes)
  • Flexible lift and launch arrangements
  • Secure compound
  • Security lighting
  • Electricity and water
  • CCTV
  • Competitive storage rates
  • Professional staff

All valuables and outboards are to be removed from vessels as soon as they enter the store. All boatyard services - repairs, refit, antifoul and transport - can be found locally.

The use of heat guns or fan heaters is not permitted at any time.

The water supply in Wells Harbour Compound is for the sole use of WHC and owners of vessels who store boats in the compound and not for the general public. A key for the water supply at the main slipway is available from the Harbour Office on request. Any enquires should be made to the harbour office.

Launching and lifting

  • Flexible arrangements
  • Public slipway (harbour dues payable)
  • Tractor
  • 7.5 Tonne Boat hoist
  • Crane by arrangement


  • Main quay Concrete blocked, 200 metres in length, running east to west. From the eastern end to the midpoint is reserved for fishing vessels. Mid quay to west is the sailing vessel Albatros and also visiting vessels. At the eastern end is the fuel berth (no mooring).
  • Outer harbour 165m of shore accessed pontoons with fresh water and electricity at pontoon bollards. 1.5m depth at low water. Vessels only allowed to berth with prior permission of the Harbour Master.
  • Anglian Quay 40m steel pile quay.
  • Harbour Office Quay/pontoons Concrete blocked quay 26 metres in length with access bridge to 206m of pontoons for visiting vessels or other vessels with the permission of the Harbour Master.
  • Tugboat Yard Quay 46m shore accessed pontoons. Angling Charter boats and permanent berths only.
  • Long term Stay Moorings The Harbour lets annually approximately 200 swinging/fore-and-aft moorings in the harbour, the four main areas being:
    • Buxtons Bight Located at the Northern end of the main run, these are swinging moorings and allow maximum sea time during a tide.
    • The Run / Ben Taylor's These swinging moorings are on flat sand midway down the main run of the channel and are ideally suited for sailors who want more sea time.
    • Sluice Creek Ideally situated in a broad long creek north-east of the quayside with good protection from winds in most directions and close to the town and facilities. These moorings are a mix of fore/aft and swinging.
    • East Quay These moorings are situated at the Eastern end of the Harbour, north of the boatstore, in a very quiet area. Not suited for deep drafted vessels.
    • Running moorings These moorings are for small vessels normally under 16', split between Beach Bank and the East End. There is a waiting list for moorings in both these areas.

Available locally

  • Accommodation
  • Anti-fouling service
  • Cranage
  • Chandlery
  • Boat building
  • Boat cleaning
  • Boat repairs
  • Boat sales
  • Brokerage
  • Restaurants
  • Sailing club
  • Sailing school
  • Salvage pumping
  • Stores
  • Transport
  • Marine electronics
  • Marine engineer
  • Water ski-ing club