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Annual Report of Wells Harbour Commissioners 2008


We have at present 10 Harbour Commissioners. Christine Abel of Hayes and Storr remains the Commissioners legal adviser, and David Missen of Larkin Gowan is the financial adviser and accountant.

We have 5 employees, consisting of: Harbourmaster, Deputy Harbourmaster, Quay attendant, and two Office managers.

We have had a very busy year with increased numbers of visiting boats making use of our pontoons and facilities in the Old Lifeboat House. Visitors have not only come from our local East Coast ports, but also further a field including The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. Visitors comment especially on the friendliness and helpfulness of our staff.

As reported last year our moorings are full and there is still a waiting list to keep a boat in Wells.

Harbour Day took place on Sunday, 19th August, 2007 and was very successful apart from the weather (as usual!) It was much better having it extended along the quay rather than splitting it and having some attractions on the playing field. We are indebted to our staff (in particular the Harbour Master) because no matter how many helpers we have, the majority of the organising lies on their shoulders.

We arranged a meeting with two of our neighbouring Trust Ports: Bridlington to the north and Brightlingsea to the south. The Harbourmasters and Chairmen from both the ports came for a day here. We had wide ranging discussions of matters of mutual interest. It was surprising that though our ports differ, how much there was to talk about. We hope to have another similar meeting in 2008 in one of their harbours.

In a similar vein, we set up a meeting of the local harbours from Holme to Blakeney. This was ably chaired by G.S. The group intends to meet twice a year and will be know as Wells Harbour Commissioners Costal Harbour Forum. The group will meet to discuss common problems to us all in the locality. Both of these initiatives are intended to involve us in communication with others and prevent us being isolated. We can draw on their experience and pass on some of our own.

At the time of writing, Christmas Tide has just taken place - battered by the weather but a wonderful success and we must congratulate the organisers.

The Annual public Harbour Users meeting will take place on Friday, 11th April, 2008. As usual the port has been inspected by Trinity House and again passed with flying colours. Again this is due to the hard work of the Harbourmaster and deputy among others.

All boats that needed lifting out are now safely stored in the compound, and we are all anticipating the new season.

Average attendances at meetings was between 80 and 100% for the majority of the Commissioners.

Summary Of Income and Expenditure

Total Income £351,856 £250,847
Total Expenditure £275,505 £272,905
Net Income £76,351 (£22,058)
Capital Expenditure Incurred in Year £52,592 £21,296
Project Capital Expenditure £406,692