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Annual Report of Wells Harbour Commissioners 2007


At the time of writing there are seven Commissioners of Wells Harbour. Christine Abel of Hayes & Storr is the Commissioners Legal Advisor and David Missen of Larking Gowen is Financial Advisor and Accountant. There are six employees - Harbour Master, Deputy Harbour Master, two Administrative Assistants, Quay Attendant and Quay cleaner.

The year has been very busy and it has shown how much the new office and facilities in the restored Old Lifeboat House were needed. The Harbour is now more or less full, with a waiting list for moorings and very little space to put in any more. Numbers of visiting boats are up on previous years. I am sure this is in part due to the improved facilities and to the friendly and efficient welcome from all our staff.

The Annual Public Meeting for Harbour Users will take place on the 30th March 2007 at Wells Sailing Club. All Harbour Users are welcome.

Wells Harbour Day did not take place in 2006, as it was decided that we should hold this every other year. Planning is underway for this year's event, which will take place on the 19th August. It is hoped that the event will alter a little this year and only take place on the Quay but over an extended area of the Quay, so there will be nothing on the playing field apart from car parking. We hope as many as possible will come and enjoy the day.

As there was no Harbour Day in 2006, we allowed Wells Carnival Committee to have the use of the Quay for one day, when it was completely closed off. It was a very successful day.

Trinity House came on their annual inspection of the buoys and navigation aids. This year it was not only on the water as previous years, but also the paperwork involved and the computer logs. Once again the Harbour Master and his deputy passed with flying colours.

All the boats have been lifted and those that are put into the boat store are now being made ready for the winter. As I am sure all the owners know, it takes a lot of hard work and skill to get the maximum number into the store in the correct places. Christmas Tide took place on the 16th December, and brings a lot of people into the town and onto the Quay. We would like to congratulate all those who run it, as it is now such a feature on the Wells calendar. The Commissioners hope that everyone has an enjoyable and safe season in 2007. We will continue to try to improve the facilities we offer, so that all may enjoy the harbour.

Charles Ebrill
Wells Harbour Commissioners

Summary Profit and Loss Account
for the year ended 31 December 2005

Slipway charges £1,309 £1,077
Rental Income £2,949 £3,978
Harbour Dues, Moorings, Berths and Hoists £49,850 £42,485
Club Fees, Permits & Sundry £2,681 £2,050
Boat storage and cranage £7,612 £5,927
Net Diesel sales £7,772 £1,249
Harbour Day £3,899 £4,743
Net Car Park income £77,570 £79,903
Harbour Project Amortisation £8,822 -
Investment income £206 £108
Total £162,670 £141,520
Quay and harbour costs £13,118 £9,752
Wages and Salaries £100,472 £70,901
Rates and Insurance £11,798 £14,367
Administration Costs £26,351 £21,849
Depreciation £24,730 £14,570
Harbour Day £4,679 £3,031
Project Costs £3,580 -
Total £184,728 £134,470