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Annual Report of
Wells Harbour Commissioners 2006


Currently, there are eight Commissioners at Wells Harbour, with Christine Abel remaining the Commissioners' Legal Advisor and David Missen, for Larking Gowen, as Financial Advisor and Accountant. There are six employees - Harbour Master, Deputy Harbour Master, two Administrative Assistants (part-time), Quay Attendant and Quay Cleaner.

The year began with the Harbour Office still in the portacabin on the quay while the refurbishment of the Old Lifeboat House was going on. Our staff managed amazingly well in the cramped conditions with files stored in various locations during the busy time of the year for paperwork. We were all pleased to move back into a marvellous new office when the project was finished.

Apart from the office and meeting room, the facilities upstairs have been well received by our visitors. At busy times, there have been queues down the stairs to use the showers. As the facilities were put in for visiting yachtsmen (and ladies), we may have to limit other users in some way; perhaps to quieter times. Turning to the other parts of the Project, the pontoons have been very popular as has the seating and area around the Old Lifeboat House.

The Annual Public Harbour Users Meeting this year will be held on Friday 31 March 2006 at Wells Sailing Club and, as usual, all Harbour Users and Stakeholders are welcome.

Harbour Day took place on 14 August and was again very successful with large numbers of visitors. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day. We would like to thank all the volunteers who came and helped and made it such a good day. We hope to give £2000 away for charity this year. Harbour Day 2006 will take place on 20 August and we hope everyone will come again and enjoy themselves.

In October, there was the 125th anniversary of the 'Eliza Adams' disaster. A wonderfully moving day was arranged by the Wells RNLI. It is poignant to remember that the 'Eliza Adams' was housed in the Old Lifeboat House before she went to sea.

At the time of writing this report, all the boats are being lifted and put into the Boatstore for the winter. It takes a lot of time and skill on the part of the Harbour Master and staff to pack the boats in to allow the maximum number of users to store their boats as they would like. We have been trying (mostly successfully) to get owners to remove boats that never move out of the store, Summer or Winter, as with limited space, it stops those who actually want to use their boats and sail them from using the facility. Similarly, we still have a struggle to get all users to give us their insurance details.

Trinity House inspects the buoys in the Harbour on a yearly basis and once again congratulated the Harbour Master for excellent navigation facilities within the harbour.

Christmas Tide took place on 2 and 3 December 2005. It seems as though it gets bigger by the year and we congratulate those who run it. Unfortunately, we had to prevent them having a ski-ing Santa going through the quay in the dark on the grounds of safety.

The Commissioners aim to continue providing facilities which compliment the Harbour and make it an enjoyable stay for visiting vessels and a safe harbour for locals to use.

Charles Ebrill
Wells Harbour Commissioners

Summary Profit and Loss Account
for the year ended 31 March 2004

Slipway charges £1,077 £987
Rental Income £3,978 £2,777
Harbour Dues, Moorings, Berths and Hoists £42,485 £35,976
Club Fees, Permits & Sundry £2,050 £4,153
Boat storage and cranage £5,927 £6,175
Net Diesel sales £1,249 £9,378
Harbour Day £4,743 -
Net Car Park income £79,903 £77,326
Investment income £108 £87
Total £141,520 £136,859
Quay and harbour costs £9,752 £15,670
Wages and Salaries £70,901 £64,077
Rates and Insurance £14,367 £11,910
Administration Costs £21,849 £15,653
Depreciation £14,570 £15,203
Harbour Day £3,031 -
Total £134,470 £122,513